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June 4, 2019
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Anime exhibitors chosen for the MIFA 2019 Exhibition Support Program

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) holds seminars and workshops for animators and animation studios in Tokyo that aspire to expand overseas to teach them the basics about doing business overseas and also holds a contest to judge their ability to make a successful business pitch. Those receiving support for exhibition and business match up at MIFA(*), the world’s largest animation trade show held every June in France, are chosen from among the pitch contest winners.
From among the winners of the FY 2018 Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix, the following six were chosen to receive support for exhibiting at MIFA 2019.

(*)MIFA: Marché international du film d'animation is one of the world’s largest animation trade show held in Annecy, France.

MIFA 2019 Exhibition Support Program
List of animators receiving support listed by name, location, and project/production title.

  • DURIAN Inc.
  • Flying Ship Studio Inc.
    Chiruta & Chanlula
  • Gorilla Co., Ltd.
    The top loft
    Maggy’s Mission
  • ZENTOY (Yu Nagasaki)

MIFA2019 Exhibition Support Program Overview

1. Helping animators to become more internationally business-minded

Holding seminars and individualized coaching on the overseas animation market, business practices, negotiation skills, pitch techniques and other necessary knowledge and techniques for negotiations and sales pitches at MIFA.

2. As-needed advice on exhibits and negotiations/pitches at MIFA

Advisory support on exhibits and negotiations/pitches at MIFA will be held as necessary in the period before the MIFA 2019 exhibition.

3. MIFA 2019 exhibit support

The TMG will…

  • Set up an exhibition booth at MIFA 2019 for exhibits by the animators.
  • Set up business talks with overseas buyers, producers, etc. through business match ups before the event.
  • Provide a platform for pitches at MIFA 2019.
  • Prepare promotional tools for distribution to visitors.
  • Provide a foreign-language interpreter and support for airfare, accommodations and other expenses.

4. Follow-up support

After exhibition at MIFA 2019, the TMG will hold follow-up seminars and individual guidance.

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This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”
Smart City: “A global financial and economic center”

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