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January 16, 2019
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation

A First in Japan! Toei Bus Begins Operating a Fully Flat Floor Bus
Aiming to Ensure Anyone Can Easily Use Our Fixed Route Buses

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation announces that it will begin operating a fully flat floor bus service, the first of its kind in Japan. As the name implies, fully flat floor buses are completely flat on the inside, helping to create an even more barrier-free environment.

1. The Benefits of Introducing Fully Flat Floor Buses

Fully flat floor bus make it easier the elderly - and everyone else - to move around inside the bus, reducing congestion at the front and creating a more pleasant ride for all.

*All photos/diagrams are for illustration purposes.

Photo of bus exterior
Bus exterior


image of the inside of the bus 1 image of the inside of the bus 2
The inside of a non-step bus as seen from the side The inside of a fully flat floor bus as seen from the side
Photo of the raised area at the rear of non-step buses Photo of fully flat floor buses are completely flat on the insid
The raised area at the rear of non-step buses Fully flat floor buses are completely flat on the inside


2. Start of Operations

December 25, 2018 (Tuesday)

3. Initial Route

都-02 Route <Otsuka Station - Kasuga Station - Okachimachi Station - Kinshicho Station>

image of the map
Map Provided By: Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

*Operating details can be found on the Toei Bus website (External link) under “Find a Bus” → “Wrap advertising search” → “Fully Flat Floor Bus”

4. Future Efforts

Once the bus begins operating, we aim to make future improvements based on feedback from our customers, ensuring our buses can be used by anyone.


  Fully Flat Floor Bus Non-Step Bus
(Purchased this fiscal year)
Manufacturer SCANIA Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Capacity 74 (Seats: 24) 78 (Seats: 22)
Total Length 11.04m 10.43m
Total Width 2.49m 2.48m


“The Action Plan for 2020” Project
This project is related to “The Action Plan for 2020.
Diversity: Policy No. 6 - “Creating a Tokyo full of kindness and warmth where everyone can lead vibrant lives and be active in society.”


Toei Transportation Customer Center
Phone: 03-3816-5700 (From 9:00 to 20:00, seven days a week, year-round)

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