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Updated on December 22, 2017

Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Participants Selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accelerator Program:
Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo

Eight companies have been selected to participate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo accelerator program, which aims to attract foreign businesses that possess advanced blockchain technologies.

During the application period from October 20 to November 24, a total of 46 companies from 20 countries and regions applied to take part in the accelerator program, which the TMG will hold for the first time this fiscal year as part of its efforts to draw foreign companies to Tokyo.

The TMG has been actively working to attract foreign firms to raise international competitiveness and bring about further growth for the city by promoting the creation of a more business-friendly environment for overseas businesses and startups.

List of participants (alphabetical order)

Company Country/Region Mainstay business



Provide software for managing data securely in a way tailored to the needs of corporate and other users, and provide consulting to clients when they start using the software


Hong Kong

Operate an exchange where individuals and institutions throughout the world can trade virtual currencies and other assets

Igloohome Pte Ltd


World's first smart key box that can be operated offline with a smartphone app

IOTA Foundation


Fee-free network for small transactions that enables a transparent payment system even for micro payments



Develop and provide an original mobile app that allows individuals to casually trade and settle their assets with their smartphones



Provide proprietary blockchain technology that uses location data from smartphones and other mobile devices to verify the authenticity of each device and block hacking attempts



Money transfer service that uses blockchain technology for speedier settlement



Technology that combines AI with blockchain. The AI learns from experience, making future forecasts possible.


The Action Plan for 2020

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”

  • “Smart City”
    • Key Policy 4: A global financial and economic center


External Relations Section
Coordination Division
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning


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