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Updated on December 8, 2017

Office of the Governor for Policy Planning

Participants Selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accelerator Program:New Tech Business Camp Tokyo

Eight companies have been selected to participate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s New Tech Business Camp Tokyo accelerator program, which aims to attract foreign businesses that possess advanced technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence.

During the application period from September 22 to November 3, a total of 49 companies from 15 countries applied to take part in the accelerator program, which the TMG will hold for the first time this fiscal year as part of its efforts to attract foreign companies.

The TMG has been actively working to attract foreign firms to raise international competitiveness and bring about further growth for the city by promoting the creation of a more business-friendly environment for overseas businesses and startups.

List of participants (alphabetical order)

Company Country Mainstay business

e-bot7 GmbH


AI system that integrates with a company’s customer relationship management system and utilizes deep learning to analyze inquiries received from customers and suggest the best answers

IndoorAtlas Ltd


Indoor positioning system (IPS) that utilizes the built-in magnetic sensor within a smartphone to detect the earth’s magnetic field as it interacts with a steel frame supporting an underground structure to accurately pinpoint a person’s location indoors

Malong Technologies


Product recognition technology that uses AI-based deep learning image recognition technology to accurately identify items, materials, brands, and other aspects by seeing just a single photo

MoBagel Inc.


Provide AI-powered analytics engine that allows users to smoothly receive data from various IoT devices, contributing to cost reduction at production sites and other places

Roam Robotics, Inc.


Provide hardware for supporting those suffering from knee joint issues, those who enjoy running, skiing, or hiking, and others

SmartBeings Inc.


Provide, at a low price, an AI-based interactive device that allows users to control appliances at home with their voice and recognizes a person from a distance with a facial recognition camera

Tamr, Inc.


Help clients to reduce data management costs with data curation and analysis services that use AI

TriggarVR Pty Ltd


Provide services specializing in virtual reality and other technologies, and clearer and more immersive virtual reality experiences


The Action Plan for 2020

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”

  • “Smart City”
    • Key Policy 4: A global financial and economic center


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Office of the Governor for Policy Planning


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