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Updated on March 15, 2016

Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau

Collaborating with MUJI to bring the Tokyo brand to the world

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau are working to increase the number of foreign visitors to Tokyo and joining up with private entities from Tokyo to promote Tokyo actively in overseas markets.

In March and April, “MUJI 10,000 shapes of Tokyo” will be held to promote the Tokyo brand. This project is in collaboration with lifestyle goods retailer, MUJI, which currently has shops in 25 countries and regions. The event aims to highlight the many attractions of Tokyo by leveraging MUJI’s fame as a well-designed and high-quality brand.

“MUJI 10,000 shapes of Tokyo”

In MUJI’s Taipei and New York flagship stores, about 10,000 items of MUJI’s in-store products will be used to recreate Tokyo scenes and popular sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Tower and the Shibuya scramble crossing. The exhibit will also be introduced on a campaign website.

The exhibit

Made entirely from MUJI in-store products 

The exhibit in the Taipei and New York stores


MUJI’s Taipei flagship store has 925.6m2 of floor space and attracts the most customers of any MUJI store in Taiwan.
Location: MUJI HANKYU, B2F, 5 – 8, Zhongxiao Road, North Xinyi District, Taiwan
Exhibition runs March 5 (Sat) – 13 (Sun), 2016

New York

MUJI’s New York flagship store opened in November 2015 and is on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. It is the largest MUJI store in the US.
Location: MUJI Fifth Avenue, 475 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, U.S.A.
Exhibition runs March 19 (Sat) – April 24 (Sun), 2016

Campaign Website

The campaign runs February 29 (Mon) – April 24 (Sun)
URL: External link ) 
Contents: Introduction to the exhibit; live film from cameras set up in the exhibit (from March 19).
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional)

Long-Term Vision for Tokyo

This project is related to the following Long-Term Vision for Tokyo urban strategy and approach

  • Urban Strategy 3 Omotenashi
    • Approach 7 Warmly welcome international visitors


Planning Section, Tourism Division,
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs,
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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