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Updated on January 6, 2016

Bureau of General Affairs

Regarding the Nuclear Test by North Korea

Governor Masuzoe’s comments regarding the nuclear test conducted by North Korea today, January 6, are as attached.
The circumstances and the response taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government at this time are as follows.

Around 10:30

Japan Meteorological Agency detects seismic waves that are considered to have been caused by a nuclear test in North Korea.

Around 10:50

Newsflash reports the possibility of a nuclear test.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government immediately sets up a system for information and communication, and confirms the situation with the central government.

Around 12:30

Korean Central Television announces that North Korea conducted a hydrogen test.

(Measures to be taken)

  • Hold a crisis management meeting with the relevant bureaus.
  • Measure and announce radiation levels in Tokyo through collaboration between the relevant bureaus.
  • Provide precise information to the residents of Tokyo at all times through the metropolitan government website and Twitter account.

Announcement of Measurements of Radioactive Particles Related to the Nuclear Test in North Korea

On January 6, North Korea announced that it conducted a nuclear test.
The bureaus of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are announcing the results of measurements of radioactive particles in Tokyo. 


Disaster Prevention Division
Bureau of General Affairs

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