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This page shows material that was broadcast on Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “TOKYO City Information” radio program(Inter FM 89.7 MHz)every Saturday 09:56-09:59 a.m.,(Rebroadcast)Sunday 09:56-09:59 a.m..

March 16th

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has created an educational video, "What if you encountered terrorism?" to further protect our nation and the people.

This 8-minute video introduces some necessary emergency procedures in times of terrorist attacks under 4 circumstances: finding suspicious objects, explosion, poison gas, and vehicle attack. In order for foreign visitors and residents in Japan to prepare for and protect themselves from emergencies, the video is made available with Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean subtitles. The video can be viewed on Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Official Video Channel “Tokyo Douga” (External link).

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working to support the International Paralympic Games.

As part of the efforts, Tokyo will be co-hosting the “IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix 2019” from March 19th. Rules for blind football is based on the five-player football game "futsal", and all players except for the goalkeeper are blind. This year, 8 countries that are ranked in the world’s top 20 team,  Japan, Spain, Colombia, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand and England, will be participating in the match. The event venue is Shinagawa Tennozu Park, located just outside the Rinkai Line "Tennozu Isle Station" Exit B. Admission fee is charged for all seats. Please come watch the exciting match played by the world's top players. For details, check the official website (External link).

March 9th

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has created a new video for foreigners in Japan.

The video is titled, “You are the hero during large earthquakes and other disasters,” and it promotes the awareness of "restriction on returning home immediately" in case of a disaster when public transportation is not available. During earthquakes and other disasters, people tend to try to go home all at once, filling the streets and interfering with rescue activities. You may also suffer secondary damage from aftershocks by trying to walk back home right after the disaster. This video tells the viewers the importance of "restriction on returning home immediately". Please prepare and protect yourself from the disasters by watching the English video “You are the hero during large earthquakes and other disasters”. The video can be viewed on Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Official Video Channel “Tokyo Douga” (External link).

This spring, the Bureau of Transportation will operate the “Tokyo Sakura Tram Anniversary Edition” train for a limited time.

This train features a special plate on the head-mark and sakura-themed decorations on the interior and windows, while introducing various sakura viewing spots around the area. Come onboard the Tokyo Sakura Tram to explore the spring season along the route. The red retro vehicle 9001 will be running through May 6th. Due to maintenance and other circumstances, the train may not be running on some dates. For detailed schedule, please refer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation website (External link). The site is accessible from computers and smartphones.

March 2nd

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government operates "Tokyo Tourist Information Desk” in the metropolitan area, providing useful information for travelers.

Tourist information desks offer "Tokyo Travel Guide" introducing tourist attractions in multiple languages, in addition to various tourist information including public transportation, accommodation facilities, and sightseeing using dedicated devices supporting multiple languages. 62 new locations have recently been added, with services starting in late March at the earliest. With the latest addition, the number of desks will be 285 in total. To search for your nearest tourist information desk, please visit the "Tokyo Tourist Information" site (External link). The website is available in English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean as well as Japanese.

Next, we’ve got an announcement about a photographic exhibition.

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in Ebisu will be holding the "Origin of Photography Great Britain” exhibition from March 5th. Research on the invention of photography began at the end of the 18th century, and with the release of the first photographic technology in 1839, the curtain was raised on the culture of photography. In Great Britain, research developed by the Victorian aristocracy gave a great influence on the culture. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to look back at the 19th century Great Britain, through numerous photography works of the time. Please come and see the broad range of Great Britain’s photographic culture and history. The exhibition will be shown from March 5th through May 6th. There will also be two gallery tours in English, taking place on March 8th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., and March 10th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. If you wish to participate, please come to the gallery entrance on the 3rd floor and show your ticket with the date stamped for the day. For more details including gallery hours, holidays and directions to the museum, please visit the official website (External link) and select your language.

February 23rd

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is offering free and anonymous HIV testing in Minami-Shinjuku and Tama area.

In recent years, reports of newly infected HIV and AIDS patients include foreign residents. In order to prevent the spread of infection, it is necessary for foreign residents in Tokyo to also get tested. To make the process easier for foreigners, we launched an online page that provides information about the testing and consultation service in "easy Japanese". The website for the Minami-Shinjuku Testing and Counseling Office is (External link). Those who wish to take the test in the Tama area, please refer to the Tama Area Testing and Counseling Office page on the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health website. On the online page, you can find all necessary information about the testing, including dates of examination, reservation, directions and more.

Tokyo Marathon is coming up on Sunday, March 3rd.

And once again this year, a marathon-related festival will be held on the day of the race, offering various programs for everyone to further enjoy the event. This year’s “Marathon Festa 2019” will be set up in Shiba Park, with stage events, gourmet booths and experiential sports workshops to be held. Various performances will also be shown at 24 spots along the course, supporting and cheering up the runners. Don’t miss all the fun! “Marathon Festa 2019” takes place on March 3rd, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. Shiba Park is a 2-minute walk from Shiba Koen Station or Onarimon Station on the Mita Subway Line and Akabanebashi Station on the Oedo Subway Line. We look forward to your visits.

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