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This page shows material that was broadcast on Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “TOKYO City Information” radio program(Inter FM 89.7 MHz)every Saturday 09:56-09:59 a.m.,(Rebroadcast)Sunday 09:56-09:59 a.m..

October 19th

As we welcome more visitors to Tokyo from around the world, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting initiatives for further establishment of accessible tourism, to meet the various needs of people with disabilities, the elderly and foreign tourists, and make the sightseeing experience easier and safer for everyone.

We have recently launched a website that curates information related to the promotion of accessible tourism. The website contains useful information about sightseeing in Tokyo, accessibility, Tokyo UD navigator, traffic and transportation, tourist information centers and links to accessible tourism desks. The website is also designed for the visually and hearing-impaired, with functions that allow users to select between Japanese and English, read-aloud mode and text size. Please search Tokyo Accessible tourism portal website for your sightseeing needs in Tokyo. Information will be updated as needed.

Coming up on Saturday, November 16th, an art event titled Light and Sound Installation "Coded Field" will be held from 6 p.m. at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo’s Shiba district and areas surrounding the temple.

This event is part of a project produced by Rhizomatiks, a group of creators who developed the multimedia technology used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games presentation at the closing ceremony of Rio 2016 games. The event will turn the historical Zojoji Temple into an art space filled with lights and sounds. This event is currently looking for participants. On the day of the event, participants will be equipped with a balloon-shaped device and be immersed in the art installation as they enjoy the movement of over 1,000 lights and sounds coming and going in the venue. The event is free, and 1000 groups will be admitted. One application is valid for up to three people per group. Organizers will also set up priority spaces for wheelchair guests. If you are interested in participating, please apply from the official website (External link). The application is accepted until 11:59 p.m. on October 27th. In case of rain, the event will be held the next day at the same time.

October 12th

To offer a safer and more convenient ride on the Toei subway lines for foreign tourists and people with hearing loss, a designated app “Omotenashi Guide” will become available for use at 26 tickets gates at 11 stations including stations near Tokyo 2020 Olympics venues.

By launching the smartphone app around the supported ticket gates, the app will display information about the station automatically without connecting to Wi-Fi.  Information will be available in Japanese, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, French and Spanish. The “Omotenashi Guide" app can be downloaded free from App Store or Google Play. The app operates on iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or later. The official launch of the service is scheduled for the end of the year.

This autumn, you can experience the culture of tea ceremony in one of Tokyo’s historic Japanese gardens.

For two days, on the weekend of October 19th and 20th, the Hamarikyu Gardens in Chuo ward will host the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019. This event offers various programs including "WELCOME! Outdoor Tea Ceremony in English", where international visitors will have the opportunity to learn the manners of tea ceremonies, and “Tea Workshop For beginners” both with English interpretation. The special stage will showcase Japanese Flower arrangement performance, shakuhachi flute and guitar performance, contemporary Japanese dance, and a unique collaboration of tsugaru-shamisen and human beatbox. There will be additional programs including Ikebana flower arrangement, Edo-Sashimono making and kimono wearing workshop, where visitors from foreign countries can experience and enjoy the traditional Japanese culture. Admission is 300 yen for adults, and there is an additional 300 yen fee to take part in the tea ceremony. Tickets are available on the day at the Main Ticket Counter. Please remember that there are limited numbers of seats for these ceremonies so if you’d like to participate, please get there early. The event’s opening time is from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on both days. For more details, check the official website(External link).

October 5th

The “Taste of Tokyo 2019” festival will be held again this year in the three areas of Marunouchi, Yurakucho and Hibiya.

This event aims to share the attractions of Tokyo’s agricultural and fisheries products with the world, along with the delicious cuisine made from them and the region’s traditional culture. This year, all areas will have stalls and special programs related to rugby. Separately, in the Marunouchi area, famous chefs will be offering Edo Tokyo vegetables and local dishes on kitchen cars. Fresh and safe vegetables, fruits, milk, and eggs will be available for purchase. Potted flowers from Tokyo will also be exhibited with limited number of them will be distributed to visitors. In the Yurakucho area, sake, beers and wines from all over Japan, along with freshly made gourmet snacks will be sold. Hibiya area will be screening films from the International Short Film Festival. Music concerts and flower workshops using flowers from Tokyo will also take place. You can also enjoy gourmet meals that can be found only at Hibiya. Please note that this outdoor event will take place even if it rains, but may be cancelled in case of rough weather. The “Taste of Tokyo 2019” festival runs from October 11th through 13th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Marunouchi Naka-dori shopping arcade, the Gyoko Avenue, the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya’s Hibiya Step Plaza and at Hibiya Park. Event dates and times vary depending on the venue. For more information, check the English PDF on the event website at (External link).

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government - Bureau of Environment has created a booklet entitled “Creating A Sustainable City - September 2019 edition” to introduce the goals and initiatives related to environmental policy.

Photographs and illustrations are used to introduce and familiarize Tokyo's environmental policies with the citizens of Tokyo. This booklet is also available in English. This report introduces the latest efforts of Tokyo towards realizing "Zero Emission Tokyo" by 2050, as well as policy goals and initiatives in each field. This booklet can be downloaded as PDF files from the English version of the Tokyo Bureau of Environment website.

September 28th

Starting from October 1st, the Toei Transportation will tentatively implement "route numbering" for some Toei bus displays and bus stops, in order to make it more convenient for non-Japanese speaking customers to ride the Toei buses.

The kanji part of the route name will also be displayed in alphabet. After the trial period, we will gather feedback from customers and examine its effects, to consider further expansion. The existing route names in kanji and number will remain the same. When using the Toei bus or Toden Arakawa Line, you can view the real-time service information in English on the Toei Transportation website(External link).

“World Natural Heritage in Japan” is a new website that has been launched to promote and let people enjoy the World Natural Heritage sites and beautiful natural scenery that Japan boasts.

This website introduces the beauty of Shiretoko in Hokkaido, Shirakami-sanchi Mountains in Aomori and Akita Prefecture, Ogasawara Islands in Tokyo and Yakushima in Kagoshima Prefecture. The website also introduces travel tips to such sites, information on the protection of nature, sightseeing and experiential activities, accommodation, transportation and more. All information is available in Japanese and English. There are also plenty of scenic photos for you to enjoy, so please check out the information to help plan your next trip. To visit the "World Natural Heritage In Japan” website go to link).

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