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December 20, 2017
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Tokyo Night View Map Guide
A guide to Tokyo’s night views, illuminations and more!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is advancing efforts to share the appeal of Tokyo’s night views, illuminations and more with visitors so that they can enjoy their Tokyo nights. One such initiative is the recent release of the Tokyo Night View Map Guide. Pick up a copy at a Tokyo Tourist Information Center or other locations and start making plans for a spectacular night.

Map Guide Overview

The Map Guide focuses mainly on night views and illuminations, but also includes information such as amusement parks open at night and nighttime cruises.

Information Included

    • Places for night views
    • Places with illuminations
    • Maps of areas around the featured locations
    • QR code (takes visitors to a portal site with information on each area, maps, etc.)


Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified)

Where to Find the Map Guide

Distributed at

Tokyo Tourist Information Centers and other locations


GO TOKYO (Tokyo Digital Pamphlet Gallery)

*This map guide was created as part of the Tokyo Light-up PR Project

The Action Plan for 2020

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”

  • Smart City:
    • “An international city and tourist destination open to the world”


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