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December 15, 2017
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Spreading the appeal of "TAMASHIMA"!

Tour recommended courses to experience the appeal of "TAMASHIMA"!

Tokyo not only has a city center with rows of high-rise buildings that usually come to mind, but is also home to the Tama area, with its lush greenery and clear headwaters, and the islands area where you can take in the star-filled sky and beautiful coastlines with a topography unique to volcanic islands.
We have now prepared a guide in English and Chinese, packed with the attractions of the Tama area and the islands of Tokyo (TAMASHIMA). It is hoped that it will help international travelers learn about Tokyo's rich nature and encourage them to visit these areas. The brochure offers visitors new ways to enjoy TAMASHIMA. Model courses—four in Tama and three in the islands—have been developed around the concept of taking day trips to Tama to enjoy the four seasons and short trips to the islands especially in the fall and winter. Take this brochure with you and enjoy a tour around TAMASHIMA.

1 Overall content

TAMASHIMA's appeals are introduced along five themes.
One pamphlet contains information on both the Tama area and the islands of Tokyo.


      Introducing a sublime nature that is difficult to picture when one thinks of Tokyo
      Introducing dynamic activities to experience the mountains and islands
      Introducing traditional cultures of the Tama area and the islands of Tokyo
      Introducing food born from the rich nature of Tama and Tokyo islands
    • RELAX
      Introducing places of healing, such as relaxing hot springs (onsen)

2 Model courses


    • Spring: Blossom Savor the sights of spring on a bicycle ride that will have your spirits in full bloom as well!(Fussa-shi, Hamura-shi, and Mizuho-machi)
    • Summer: Cleanse Rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs! A journey that explores the healing power of water!(Akiruno-shi and Hinohara-mura)
    • Summer: Recharge Reenergize yourself at a 900-meter mountaintop and other mystical spots filled with the power of nature.(Ome-shi and Hinode-machi)
    • Autumn: Inspire A vibrant journey to stir the soul, without leaving the confines of Tokyo!(Okutama-machi)


    • Autumn: Vitalize A tropical paradise even in autumn! Let the ocean, mountains and sunsets energize you.(Hachijojima)
    • Autumn and winter: Freedom Find your favorite beach! Hop on a bicycle and go wherever your mood takes you.(Niijima and Shikinejima)
    • Winter: Mysterious This must be another planet! Enjoy otherworldly landscapes. (Oshima)

3 Languages

English and Traditional Chinese
The brochures are also accessible from the website


Image of "TAMA Wonders"

Image of "SHIMA Wonders"

Image of the TAMA model course

Image of the SHIMA model course

*TAMASHIMA is the general name for area covering the Nishitama area and the islands of Tokyo.
The Nishitama area is located in western Tokyo, 1.5 to 2 hours by train from Shinjuku station.
The Tokyo islands consist of a group of 11 islands in southern Tokyo. You can get there by taking passenger ships from the Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal located about 20 minutes from Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail.

The Action Plan for 2020

This project is part of the “Action Plan for 2020.”

  • "Promotion of the Tama Area and Tokyo's Islands"


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