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August 18, 2017
Bureau of Transportation


The Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Toei Transportation) has published THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO TOKYO a booklet to help overseas visitors to Tokyo utilize the Toei Transportation service and better enjoy their time in the city.
Edited by Time Out Tokyo, the booklet is available in Japanese, English, traditional Chinese and Korean, and distributed at stations operated by Toei Transportation.

1. Title

(English, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

2. Content

  • Suggested Toei Transportation Travel Routes to Maximize Enjoyment of Tokyo
    The Japanese and foreign editorial staff at Time Out Tokyo have selected favorite sites and activities from their unique perspective, introducing new and unique charms of Tokyo to first-time and repeat visitors to Japan, expatriates and even Japanese nationals.
  • Toei Bus and Train Guide
  • Five Things You Didn’t Know about Toei Transportation
    Answers to basic questions frequently asked by visitors from overseas, and a behind-the-scenes look at Toei Transportation. The articles can be enjoyed as reading material while on the move.

3. Size / No. of Copies

A5 (148 × 210mm), 12 pages

    • Japanese: 10,000 copies
    • English: 50,000 copies
    • Chinese (traditional): 20,000 copies
    • Korean: 20,000 copies

(No additional printing currently planned)

4. Distribution

The booklet is available free of charge at Toei Transportation train stations (except Oshiage, Meguro, Shirokanedai, and Shinjuku Line’s Shinjuku Station), as well as the Arakawa Streetcar Depot, and the Nippori-Toneri Liner’s Nippori Station. The English version is also available at major hotels and tourist centers in Tokyo.

5. PDF Versions Available on the Toei Transportation Website

About Time Out Tokyo

Time Out Tokyo is the Tokyo version of the Time Out city guides published for 108 cities in 39 countries, centered on London. Along with an English-language magazine, Time Out also produces guidebooks, websites and mobile apps. First published in 1968, Time Out has become known as a city guide with global brand appeal, and was adopted as the official travel guide for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.


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