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February 24, 2017
Bureau of Transportation
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Fuel cell buses to serve metropolitan bus routes

First use of commercial fuel cell vehicles in public transport in Japan

In a first for Japan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation has purchased and will begin operating two fuel cell buses on metropolitan bus routes from March 21. The vehicles have been developed and are marketed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The bureau carried out trials of fuel cell vehicles in 2003 and 2015, and has been collaborating with the vehicle manufacturing industry in technology development aimed at introducing fuel cell buses to the market. The bureau plans to increase the use of fuel cell buses as part of its strategy to contribute to a "hydrogen society."

Main Stops

Main Stops, Tokyo Stn. Marunouchi South Exit, Yurakucho Stn., Ginza 4-Chome, Tsukiji 3-Chome, Kachidoki Stn., Ariake Tennis no Mori, Tokyo Big Sight


* Details of the operation of fuel cell buses can be found using the "Find a Bus/Wrap advertising search" at the Toei Bus website, Search for "FC Bus."

Workings of a Fuel Cell Bus

Main data

Vehicle Length/Width/Height 10,555/2,490/3,340mm
No. of passengers
(Seated + Standing + Staff)
77 (26 + 50 + 1)
FC stack (fuel cell batteries) Maximum output 114kW×2(155PS×2)
Motor Maximum output 113kW×2(154PS×2)
Maximum torque 335N ∙ m×2(34.2kgf ∙ m×2)
High pressure hydrogen tanks Nominal working pressure 70MPa(about 700atm)
Tank internal volume 600L
Power supply capability Maximum output 9kW
Power supply amount 235kWh


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