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April 19, 2016
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs

Free Wi-Fi launched on Tokyo streets

For the convenience of overseas visitors, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is launching free Wi-Fi on city streets. Free Wi-Fi is now available in areas around tourist information boards on streets in Shinjuku and Ueno.

Tourist information boards

Launch date:

March 25, 2016


FREE_Wi-Fi_and_TOKYO 1

Service areas:

Shinjuku, Ueno


Areas around tourist information boards(5 locations) and digital signage (4 locations). Details.

Service Features:

Users can access the following services, provided in collaboration with the relevant wards.
Registration is required only once.

Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi 2

Shinjuku Station area, Kabukicho area (18 locations)
Start of service: From April, 2016, onwards

Taito Free Wi-Fi (Ueno area) 3

Areas around tourist information map and signs (5 locations)
Also available on the Megurin bus.
Start of service: April 1, 2016

Partner Wi-Fi services

Registering with one of the following free Wi-Fi services gives access to all of them with no need to
re-register (partner services as of March 18, 2016)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Metro
Toei Subway
Toei Bus
Tokyo International Forum
Shinjuku City
Service partially available in Shinjuku and Taito Wards
Taito City

Country-wide Wi-Fi

By downloading the “Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi” app 4, it is possible to get free Wi-Fi at 140,000 spots around the country.


Welcoming Environment Promotion Section, Tourism Division,
Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Long-Term Vision for Tokyo

This project is related to the following Long-Term Vision for Tokyo urban strategy and approach

  • Urban strategy 3: Omotenashi
    • Approach 7: Warmly welcome international visitors

[1] FREE Wi-Fi & TOKYO

Free Wi-Fi service aimed at tourists, available in Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings and metropolitan parks, gardens, cultural facilities etc. (Operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.)

Launch date: December 25, 2015
Service Provider: NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.
Access: Register email address or SNS account
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean

Note: In emergencies, the service may be used without registration. After connecting, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Disaster Prevention Information website will be displayed.

[2] Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi service aimed at tourists, available in public spaces, restaurants etc., in Shinjuku City. (Operated by Shinjuku City and Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau.) (from April)

[3] Taito Free Wi-Fi

Aiming at providing a welcome to visitors and also serving as an information service in emergencies, this free Wi-Fi service is available at Taito City facilities, on buses, in areas around tourist information boards and so on. (Operated by Taito ward.)

[4] Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi (App)

This is an app that allows use of multiple free Wi-Fi services around Japan with one registration. (Service provider: NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.)