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Updated on May 20, 2013

Seminar to be held to attract foreign companies to the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters

May 20, 2013
Headquarters of the Governor of Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is advancing a project to attract foreign companies to its Special Zone for Asian Headquarters with the aim to introduce further growth by boosting Tokyo’s international competitiveness.
Many initiatives have been implemented to date, including the opening of the Business Development Center Tokyo to support the business activities of foreign companies in the Special Zone and the implementation of PR activities at overseas trade fairs and via English business publications.
Tokyo is enriching its support menu even more from this fiscal year. Among these efforts is the establishment of a system to grant subsidies to foreign companies locating their regional headquarters or R&D centers in this zone.
A seminar introducing the many forms of support available will be held as follows for foreign companies and other relevant organizations. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will take this opportunity to further increase its activities to attract foreign establishments to Tokyo.

Tokyo’s Special Zone for Asian Headquarters
Seminar for promotion of Asian headquarters and R&D centers establishment


Foreign companies with operations in Japan, foreign embassies, chambers of commerce and industry in Japan, and other relevant organizations


Friday, May 24, 2013, from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.


5th Floor, South Tower
Otemachi Financial City
9-7 Otemachi 1-chome,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation)


Introduction of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s initiatives in the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters, etc.
Please visit the following website for details:

Main Forms of Support Provided to Foreign Companies Advancing into the Special Zone

(1) Consulting services

Free consultation for establishment of an Asian regional headquarters or R&D center, such as assistance in formulating corporate growth strategies, analyzing market surveys, and finding business partners, will be provided up until the company makes its decision to set up business in the zone.

*This service has been commissioned to Accenture Japan Ltd.

(2) Subsidies (Special Zone for Asian Headquarters Subsidy Program)

Subsidies will be granted to cover one-half of expenses incurred (maximum limit of 5 million yen per company), i.e. costs related to obtaining “status of residence,” recruiting, and registration of regional headquarters/R&D center establishment and other relevant filing fees.

(3) Preferential tax treatment

Newly established Japanese subsidiaries that are Asian regional headquarters or R&D centers and fulfill a specific set of conditions will be eligible to receive one of the following national tax benefits (corporate tax) as well as metropolitan tax exemptions.

  • 20% reduction of taxable income and exemption of corporate enterprise tax.
  • Special depreciation or investment tax allowance for acquisition of machinery and buildings, etc., and exemption of metropolitan fixed assets tax, city planning tax, and real estate acquisition tax.

(4) Business Development Center Tokyo

At the Business Development Center Tokyo, full-time bilingual staff members provide one-stop consultation services and support for all kinds of matters concerning business in Tokyo. This includes market entry support and the use of a business club for business match-ups when the company is working to develop sales channels, as well as providing consultation and answering inquiries to make life in Tokyo more comfortable.

*This service has been commissioned to Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.


What is the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters?

  • Areas where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing a new project to attract foreign companies to Tokyo
  • Goal: To attract 500 foreign companies or more by fiscal 2016, including 50 companies establishing their Asian regional headquarters or R&D center

*This is a priority project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which has been designated in the 2013 Action Program for Tokyo Vision 2020 as coming under the following goal and policy.
Goal 5: Put Tokyo on a new track to growth by raising industrial power and the allure of the city
Policy 12: Shape Tokyo into Asia’s top business hub by cultivating industries that will support Tokyo’s development


Asian Headquarters Special Zone Section
Headquarters of the Governor of Tokyo

Phone: 03-5388-2865