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Updated on October 31, 2005

Members of the Tokyo 2016 Olympics Advisory Panel

October 14, 2005
Headquarters of the Governor of Tokyo

Members making up the Tokyo 2016 Olympics Advisory Panel have been decided as follows. This panel will be officially established after finalization of administrative procedures to appoint each of the members.

Members of the Tokyo 2016 Olympics Advisory Panel
Name (alphabetical order) Current position
Terry Ito Producer
Elizabeth Kiritani Essayist
Takayuki Kishii Professor, Nihon University
Toshihiko Koga Judoist
Hiroshi Mikitani Chairman & CEO, Rakuten
Haruo Nogawa Professor, Juntendo University
Nobuyuki Okamoto Professor, Rikkyo University
Hirotada Ototake Sportswriter
Toshihiko Seko Coach, S & B Foods Track Team
Bill Totten President, Ashisuto

Scheduling is presently underway with plans to hold the first meeting of the Advisory Panel before the end of October. An announcement will be made after a decision has been reached.

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