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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings

■Details of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings
Ofiicial Name of Organization: Tokyo Metropolis
Overview of Metropolitan Buildings: The Metropolitan Buildings consist of three main buildings
Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1:
243 meters (797 ft) high with forty-eight stories above and three stories below ground.
Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2:
163 meters (535 ft) high with thirty-four stories above and three stories below ground.
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building:
41 meters (135 ft) high with seven stories above and one story below ground.
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Address: 2-8-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001 Japan
Telephone (Switchboard): 03-5321-1111
Start and Completion of Construction Work: Started: April 1988
Completed: March 1991
Area of Land:
Area of Buildings:
Total Space:
Approximately 42,940 square meters (10.6 acres)
Approximately 27,500 square meters (296,000 square feet)
Approximately 381,000 square meters (4,101,000 square feet)
Geographical Location: Latitude 35 degrees 41'10" N, Longitude 139 degrees 41' 43" E
34.53 meters (113.3 feet) above sea level