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TOKYO City Information 

This page shows material that was broadcast on Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “TOKYO City Information” radio program.
(Inter FM 76.1 MHz)
Saturday 09:56-09:59 a.m., (Rebroadcast) Sunday 09:56-09:59 a.m.

September 13

First we’ve got an announcement about consultations on labor issues for foreign residents of Tokyo. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center, foreigners are welcome to seek advice on all sorts of labor problems, including wages and working conditions. This is the place to go for advice in English or Chinese, whether it’s on illegal firing practices, problems with payment of wages or overtime, sexual harassment in the workplace, or other issues. All consultations will be kept in strictest confidence, and there’s no cost for any of the talks. To set up an appointment, call 03-3265-6110. English consultations are available from Monday to Friday, while Chinese-speaking counselors are on hand from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoons, Tuesday through Thursday. You can make a reservation for a consultation in another language, including Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, or Persian. For more information, check out the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center website (in English) for details.

Up next, we’re going to tell you about an exciting event for the whole family. Tokyo Prefecture includes a number of remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, like Oshima, Niijima, and Hachijojima. A special event called the "Tokyo Island Fair" will take place to introduce the natural beauty, tourism opportunities, and local products of these islands. At this event, you’ll have the chance to buy some of the unique products from Izu oshima and Ogasawara Islands. It will also feature live concerts and performances of Japanese taiko drums on the main stage This family-frienldy event will take place at the event area outside the west exit of JR Shinjuku Station, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Friday, September 19th, and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, the 20th. There is no cover charge for this event.

September 6

First, we’ve got an announcement about a photographic exhibition. The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is now hosting the "New Cosmos of Photography" exhibition for 2014. This show presents many works by Japanese and foreign photographers and is well known as a way for new talent to make a name in the industry. For this year’s show, the 37th annual program, the exhibition welcomed entries from more than a thousand photographers. The strict judging process has selected 5 winners of Excellence Awards and 20 artists who have won Honorable Mentions in the show. These fresh, powerful works from the world’s top young photographers are not to be missed. You can seen them through Sunday, September 21st, at the museum. The museum is closed on Mondays except for September 15th, Respect for the Aged Day. (It will be closed on Tuesday the 16th instead.) To get to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, take the JR lines to Ebisu station and walk about 7 minutes from the east exit. You can get more information on the show at the museum’s website at (

Next we have an announcement about the Kyu-Iwasaki-Tei Gardens in Taito ward, which will be hosting afternoon mini concerts this season. Unlike shows at a formal concert hall, these performances are open to people in ordinary clothing and families with small children. Each day features a new musical show, with performances by accordion and violin, soprano singers and piano, and the Japanese instruments koto and shakuhachi. The concerts take place on the extended weekend from Saturday, September 13th, through Monday the 15th, and on the weekend of the 20th and 21st. The shows start at 1:00 and 3:00 each afternoon, lasting for about a half-hour each. These concerts all takes place at the site of the former Iwasaki residence in the Kyu-Iwasaki-Tei Gardens, on the grassy lawn. There is no fee to attend these concerts beyond the park admission price. This is a great chance to bring your friends and family and experience one of Japan ’s finest Western-style homes of the Meiji era, along with beautiful music. To access the Kyu-Iwasaki-Tei Gardens, take the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Yushima Station and walk from there. Admission to the park is just 400 yen for adults, 200 yen for senior citizens aged 65 and older.

August 30 Broadcast

This week we begin with an announcement on an earthquake preparedness manual from the Tokyo Fire Department. Many precious lives and property were lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. Many people might move first to turn off the gas and other fire sources as soon as they hear the first quake warnings or feel the first shakes, but the most important thing is to protect your life first and make sure you don’t get injured. Please wait until after the shaking has subsided to turn off the gas. Today’s city gas and propane gas systems are designed to shut off automatically when the shaking hits level 5 on the intensity scale. The Tokyo Fire Department has put together two documents—“10 Ways to prepare for an earthquake” in English, and “10 Tips for Earthquake Safety” in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Philippino. You can download both of these as PDF files from the Tokyo Fire Department website at

Every year, the Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens host a special autumn event to let you enjoy the season’s charms. The Tsukimi (moon-viewing) gathering takes place from Sunday, September 7th, through Tuesday the 9th. At 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, the event starts with the traditional offering of rice dumplings, vegetables and other offerings on the festival altar, along with a performance of traditional music on the shinobue flute. On all 3 days of this event, from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening you can enjoy concerts of koto music as well. And from sundown until the gardens close at 9:00 pm, the first 35 visitors will be able to help light the lanterns decorated with haiku poetry and ink paintings. It’s all a great way to feel that autumn is truly on the way and to make some fall memories of your own. Why not take part in Mukojima Hyakkaen Garden’s traditional moon-viewing event? The gardens are located about 8 minutes walk from Higashi-Mukojima Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. Admission is 150 yen for adults and 70 yen for seniors aged 65 and over. During this event, park hours will be extended from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night.

August 23 Broadcast

First, we have information on the “Edo-Tokyo Digital Museum,” a website that introduces the history and culture of the old city of Edo, later known as Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library has launched the “Edo-Tokyo Digital Museum” website to let people learn about the city’s history and culture in an enjoyable way. The 8 themed sections on the website include “O-Edo Entertainment,” which introduces the sumo and kabuki that people of the old capital enjoyed; “O-Edo Style,” with information on the fashion and cuisine of the Edo Period; and “Edo Games,” where you can experience some of the fun pastimes of the era. Images of the priceless materials in the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library’s collection are accompanied by explanatory text for users. You don’t need any specialist knowledge about history or these resources to use this website. Just flipping through its pages will let you enjoy the information on display. It’s also a great educational resource, with the explanations attached to each item in the database. There are English-language pages as well, letting you learn about Tokyo’s historical and cultural past in your own language. The URL for the Edo Tokyo Digital Museum is

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno is how hosting “Art as a Haven of Happiness.” This exhibition introduces works produced by people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities at the Atelier Element Present art studios in Tokyo and Mie and the Shobu Gakuen facility in Kagoshima. All together, there are around a hundred colorful, creative artworks, including paintings, 3D works, embroidery, and more. At this show you’ll also be able to witness the creative process that goes into making these works, something that ordinarily only the atelier staff get to see. It’s sure to be a festive atmosphere with the fresh attraction of the true nature of creativity. “Art as a Haven of Happiness” runs through Wednesday, October 8th, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Hours are from 9:30 to 5:30 daily. The museum is closed on Mondays and on Tuesday, September 16th; it will be open on the two Mondays of September 15th and 22nd instead. Admission is 800 yen for adults and 500 yen for seniors. To get to the museum, take the JR lines to Ueno Station and walk about 7 minutes from there. For more information on this exhibition, check the museum website at

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