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About our city



Tokyo is a city with unparalleled diversity and attractiveness.The city mixes fantastic ancient traditions handed down over the yearswith advanced technology creating new values in the face of constant change. Combining five core values of Tokyo "Unique", "Excellent", "Exciting", "Delight", "Comfort" along with the people, elements, events and the charm of the communities that are rooted deeply in the fabric of Tokyo allows one to experience the great value of what the city is offering.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government summarizes these values in the brand identity of "A city that promises all kinds of fun by constantly generating new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together" to communicate the attractive image of Tokyo.
Let's transmit the diversified values and everyday fun filled with new discoveries and experiences one can encounter only in Tokyo to the world.
Aiming to leap forward toward being the best tourism destination in the world.
The branding of Tokyo is about to begin.

Made In Tokyo

'Made In Tokyo' is a series of video clips introducing the charms of Tokyo such as beautiful sceneries, rich culinary culture and traditional craftsmanship. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is taking various actions for promoting Tokyo's attractiveness to the world.

Cityscape & Life

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Tokyo Today

'Tokyo Today' is a series of 3 minute documentary video clips in English, which introduce the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's current undertakings. The TMG is addressing a variety of issues facing Japan's capital. The Government is bolstering various efforts to secure the safety of its residents, as well as to take steps in promoting its attractiveness to the world, now, and for the future.

Attractive Aspects of Tokyo

  • Tokyo Holiday

    This video introduces the numerous allures of Tokyo through the fresh perspective of a female tourist visiting Tokyo for the first time.

  • Tokyo Diversity

    This video compiles varied scenes that can be encountered in Tokyo to present the diverse attractions of the metropolis.